Project Name: Osirium Website

Client/Brand: Osirium

Objective: Design and develop a new website tailored to marketing, sales, documentation, and developers' needs, migrating from WordPress to Webflow for better customization and ease of use for content creators.

Initial Research and Analysis

Background: The shift from WordPress to Webflow was driven by the challenge of aligning the old website with the company's new branding using a WordPress template.

Target Audience: The primary audience is decision-makers of companies/institutions requiring privileged access management software solutions.

Competitor Analysis: Focus was on staying authentic and simplifying messages for clear communication compared to competitors like CyberArk, BeyondTrust, and Delinea.

Design Process

Moodboards & Inspiration: Used new brand guidelines and collective input from stakeholders to set a design direction.

Sketching & Drafting: Refined the website's information architecture before designing each page, starting with the homepage.

Feedback Rounds: Engaged in multiple feedback loops with diverse stakeholders, incorporating cross-departmental insights.

Finalizing the Design: Introduced innovative solutions such as an interactive hero graphic for increased user engagement.

Design Elements and Choices

Color Palette: Opted for a conservative, digital-first approach using #039, #F90, and #09F with varied saturation for vibrancy.

Typography: Used Roboto for cohesion across products and Commuter Sans for headlines to convey confidence subtly.

Imagery & Graphics: Developed a comprehensive set of Material design icons, an automated thumbnail generator for efficiency and brand consistency, and bespoke isometric graphics.

Layout & Composition: Emphasized simplicity for user-friendliness.

Outcome and Results

  • Successfully migrated to Webflow, achieving a design coherent with the company's new brand guidelines.
  • Enhanced user engagement through innovative design elements, like the interactive hero graphic.
  • Streamlined content creation with an automated thumbnail generation system.


The Osirium website redesign was not just about platform migration but about enhancing user experience, streamlining processes, and reflecting the company's brand evolution. Through collaborative efforts, innovative solutions, and a clear focus on simplicity, the project achieved its objectives.